Valuable Guidelines For Mobile App Quality Assurance.

We have a mobile application on play store for everything that you can think about. Whether you need an app for checking your fitness levels or an app for controlling an Air Conditioner, we have it all. There are more than 6.7 million smartphone applications available on the iOS and Android app stores, but still, there is a lot of space for newer ideas, more opportunity, and increased user engagement.

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Whenever you decide to launch a mobile app and expect it to be successful in a hugely populated marketplace or, you want an increased amount of Return On Investment, you must ensure 2 important things:
1. The quality of services offered by your app and
2. The reliability of the app.

You just can’t afford to miss out on any one of these. Otherwise, you’d waste both your precious time as well as your valuable money.
A study has proven that “The biggest reason why people delete apps, just after installing them is because of the crashes, or the installation errors. The total number of people who uninstalled, for this reason, amounted to around “62%” in 2018.

In case, you want to make your phone application free of bugs, errors and crashes, you can seek help from AppSierra, a leading accessibility testing service provider agency in India.
Pre-launch android or iOS app quality assurance is most important in order to prevent any of the resulting negative user experiences.
With this article, we target to bring into limelight 4 quality issues that go unnoticed during the app development process.

4 Of The Most Common Mobile App Quality Issues Functionality Issues


Functionality issues deal with recognising the shortcomings infecting the user’s journey and navigation flow of an application. The app must provide a functional User Interface that fulfils all the functional requirements.
The vital areas of testing the functionality issues involve:

  • The installation process of the app.
  • Sign up and login process.
  • Device-specific functions including the camera, sensors, screen orientation and input methods.
  • Error messages generation.

Usability Issues
This phase tries to understand how simple it is to use the app interface. The interface functions must be crystal clear and not create any misunderstanding of any kind. There shouldn’t be any loopholes in accessing any of the functionalities offered by the application.

Performance Issues
Performance issues cover nearly 30% of the complaints on the Appstore and Playstore. As the user base of an application increases, the performance of an app gets affected. It’s always wise to remain aware of the maximum user limit that would begin affecting the performance of the app and you can get to know that at what time it will recover.

Security Issues
A completely functional yet insecure app can result in severe consequences. The app should always be tested on the grounds of
a) Confidentiality: Check whether the specific encryption methods are used to protect confidential data or not.
b) Authentication: Is the app checking a user appropriately before providing data access?
c) Authorization: Is the app asking for access to simply the required services on your device?
d) Storage: Is the data locally maintained on the device properly encrypted?
e) Web Services: Is the app interacting with the web services using secure protocols?
You must have heard it time and again that security bugs are very different from traditional bugs. In order to locate security bugs, testers need to think differently.

3 Most Useful Quality Assurance Tips From Our Experts


I. Using Multiple Testing Approach Is Always The Right Thing To Do

Confirm mobile app quality assurance by performing an array of tests including:
1. Cross-Platform Testing
2. Functional Testing
3. Accessibility Testing
4. Performance Testing
5. Security Testing

  1. Testing On Different Devices

While emulators can help you in the process of searching for the screen size specific issues, it’s also very important to find device specific issues. Churn out a list of at least the best 5 mobile phones put to use by your target audience and test the app on those devices to check that the app performs all executions in a uniform manner across multiple devices.


III. Keeping Track Of The Resource Usage

Always check out the resource usage of the app before publishing it to the end users. A battery or RAM hungry app turns out to be a huge danger and is instantly deleted by most users.

To verify, run the app with the device at hundred percent battery, after which use it every day for 3-4 hours. Also, measure and compare the performance of other applications on the device, while your application runs in the background. This will provide you with the details of the average battery consumption per hour.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort. One must depend both on manual and automated testing methods to increase the test coverage for developing a bug-free app. We have not discussed every bit and piece of the software testing process in this blog. We’ll discuss a lot more in the upcoming blogs until then you can seek help from AppSierra.

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Importance of Hiring an Independent Testing Team for your Development Projects.

Software Testing, Basics

Software testing is an investigation performed with the motive to provide stakeholders with proper knowledge regarding the quality of the software product.

The testing techniques primarily involve the process of execution of a program or application, in order to find the software bugs, errors or other defects and making sure that the software is perfectly fit for use.


The major cause for a loophole in the testing process remains the prevailing gap between the project team (development team) and the testing team.

The Initial Software Development Lifecycle

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Software development Lifecycle (SDLC) is a process used by the software industry. It is put to use by the industry to design, develop and test high quality softwares. SDLC seeks to produce an excellent quality software, which fulfills and exceeds the customer expectations, reaches completion within a prescribed amount of time and adheres to the proper cost estimate.

Software Development Procedure


Software Development Procedure, another name for the software development lifecycle takes into account as we know the entire process for a software project, within a software organization. It comprises of a detailed plan talking about the development, maintenance, replacement, or enhancement of a particular software. Hence we see that the lifecycle elucidates the method for improving the software quality and the overall development process.

A Normal Software Development Comprises Of Six Stages.

  • First Planning and Requirement Analysis takes into account the expectations of the customer, the sales department, market surveys and domain experts in the industry. This info is utilized to plan out the basic project and further undertake a study regarding the economical, operational and technical areas.
  • Second, Defining, this process is undertaken to define and document the product requirements and get them authenticated by the customers.
  • The third step caters to the designing of the product architecture.
  • In the fourth stage or the building stage, the actual development starts and the product is built.
  • Fifth being the testing stage, the product gets reported, fixed, tracked and retested unless the product attains its specific quality standards.
  • The final or the deployment stage signifies the final release of the product in the appropriate market. It might happen all at once or in stages as per the business strategy of the organization.


Defects, Bugs and Faults in Software Testing

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  • A defect in software testing refers to an error or a bug in the application created. It’s natural for a programmer to create mistakes while designing or building the software, these are referred to as the defects or bugs.
  • At times when the result or output, doesn’t satisfy the user expectations or the software requirements, then it leads to a bug or a defect. These bugs come to being because of some error in logic or in coding, this leads to the failure of the final end product.
  • While conducting the software application testing process, if we have a huge number of defects, then it leads to the product or the application being called a “Buggy”.
  • Whenever a bug or a defect is analyzed by a tester, he/she is expected to convey the same to the developers. The bugs are reported in detailed steps and are known as bug reports, issue reports, problem reports etc.


A Few Benefits of Independent Testing

  1. An independent tester or an independent testing team is able to discover a huge variety of different defects than a tester working with the programming team or a tester who’s a developer by profession. As a developer’s mindset is more of a constructive one whereas a tester’s mindset is usually a little destructive.
  2. Professional business analysts, marketing staff, designers, and programmers have their own assumptions and beliefs for the specification and implementation of the items under test but an independent tester has a totally different line of thinking which easily exposes all the hidden defects and problems.
  3. There is a certain level of honesty, in the case of an independent tester while reporting to the senior management, he is able to report without any concerns of ruining a co-workers reputation.
  4. An independent testing team normally means a separate and efficient budget. This makes sure that a proper amount of money is utilized on testing tools, tester training etc.


The Advantages of Having an Independent Testing Team at Appsierra


  • The team at AppSierra engages in a bias free procedure thereby confirming that the end-product meets the customers satisfaction and fulfills their requirements while maintaining the standards.
  • The best of talent is hired across each of the testing domains like automation testing, manual testing, load testing, security testing, etc.
  • Reduced failure rates and lower maintenance costs are ensured. Rigorous testing cycles for both functional and non-functional aspects are performed.
  • There is increased amount of time for marketing to organizations having an independent testing practice.
  • Can quite easily shift between automation testing and manual testing according to the organizations requirements, as we already possess the finest talent and expertise to do so.

Just like we value independence because of the unbiased and productive results that it ensures, independent testing is a vital factor, if the quality of the product is required. Independence makes sure that there is no bias. Independence confirms quality. Independence ensures that the customer gets value for their hard earned money. So, don’t delay, if you still don’t have a testing team to test the softwares created by your team for bugs and errors, contact AppSierra a leading IT company situated in Noida, India, also considered to be the provider of best quality assurance services in India.

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You’ll Be Surprised To Know About These Weird Mobile Apps.

Mobile Applications are mostly created in order to solve problems. Mankind has an infinite number of problems and along with the innumerable problems, we have an infinite number of android applications to resolve these problems.

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At times, our audience is weird and they have some crazy, out of the box choices. Now, whenever iOS or Android app developers create an application, they do it only when they have a huge section of the audience to address from around the world.

In case, you want some suggestions regarding your android app or want to get an app developed which would in turn bring back huge amount of ROI in return, you can straightaway contact AppSierra, a leading IT company with an expert team, comprising of some of the best android developers in India.

Let’s read a little about a few of the weirdest mobile applications in the world:



The very word demotivational in the title, suggests the extent to which this app can actually demotivate a user. In spite of the demotivating title, people actually install this  app out of curiosity. Once you open this app, you’ll be taken through a whole gallery, comprising of the most disgusting pictures. The pictures are so gross, that they can actually ruin your entire day. Don’t dare to see these pictures early in the morning, these demotivating pictures would actually drain all the positivity out of you.

Recommended or Not: Yes, if you’ve encountered the worst in your life.


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“Ghost Hunting Tools”, Sounds quite scary!! Isn’t it? A sane and sensible person would never want to try this application. This app helps people communicate with the ghosts and spirits roaming around us. Its believed that a few gadgets and some ultramodern technology like an electromagnetic field detector, helps the living talk to dead beings. This ghost-hunting tool application has the EVI detector, EMF meter and word analysis to communicate with the spirits.

Recommended or Not: No, don’t use it, until and unless you are too thirsty for an adventure with ghosts.


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The reason behind creating this application is may be because of the way people live their lives these days, always preoccupied with the notifications and updates. This application simply has a blank screen that does no work at all, hence this app absolutely does justice to the name of the application. The mobile app developers must have had workaholics and gadget addicted people on their mind while developing this application. This app is a form of relaxation for all such people.

Recommended or Not: Yes, if you are addicted to apps and want to relax.

4. YO

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Ever heard of this application before? This app is very similar to the “WhatsApp”, “Like” and “Hike” applications. “Yo” app is probably the least weird app compared to all the above-mentioned apps. It at least does something by sending a text to your friends that says ‘Yo’. The messages also reach out to you on all the different social media platforms. This application is developed by an Israeli app developer and has received 3 million downloads. It is one of the most highly demanded apps on the iOS store.

Recommended or Not : No, just move and say hello yourself.


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This application is the weirdest app for people who live in the city because in cities, people use packaged milk in their day to day lives, but the reality in the countryside is something completely different. People in remote areas prefer doing most of the dairy product activities on their own and don’t have dairy stores like Mother Dairy, Amul etc with preserve products, and even if they have, they prefer fresh milk from the mini dairy at their house. This app is a huge boon for the country folks living far away in the distant villages.

Recommended or Not: Not recommended for city bred people.


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“Send Me To Heaven”, is another complete time pass application. If two little kids are left alone without toys, even they would come up with a more interesting and intelligent game than this. This app was born out of the throw your balloons and balls game, that we used to play as little kids. It calculates how high you throw your phone in the air. This is the only thing that the app has got. The highest scorer can share its score and challenge you to beat him/her. You can download the app for free, but after you break your phone by throwing it in the air, it might cost you a fortune.

Recommended or Not: It’s a dangerous game and you might end up breaking your phone if you play it on a hard surface. It’s better that you do something more productive with your free time.


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Some of us love cuddling much more than others. Cuddlr is a weirdly sweet application that helps you find all the people in your vicinity who love to cuddle but don’t admit it at all. It can be declared as a secret application, because sometimes you just feel like cuddling and not looking for something serious and this application helps track such cuddling vibes.

Recommended or Not: Yes or No, it’s completely your wish.


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LSD is a synthetic crystalline compound, lysergic acid diethylamide, which is a powerful hallucinogenic drug. Now, many of you might not know that LSD is known for creating hallucinations in the brain. This app is so weird that it comes with a warning message. The optical illusion creates natural hallucinations on the app users. The app developers must be quite brave to promise to have an acid like experience in a few minutes while staring at the crazy patterns and visuals displayed on the screen.

Recommended: Yes, if you are an adventurer at heart.

After all, Android Developers are human beings like you and me and they possess the full freedom to have a little fun or experiment with their skills. At times, we can all unleash our crazy side and experiment with the bizarre and the absurd to get rid of the boring and the mundane. There is nothing insane about it. Some of the greatest inventions of all time were thought about in a lame or stupid way. Have you been searching for the Best mobile app development company in India? Contact AppSierra, a top Android app development company in India.

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8 Most Creative Design Tools For App UI/UX Designers.


This is the age of Android applications and almost all of us spend most of our time on Android or iOS devices. User experience is the most vital element that developers need to keep in mind while developing an application. These days, UX has become an inseparable part of the app design process. That’s because we live in a world where every single day it’s becoming harder to win a customer.


Implementing a high-quality user experience design solution helps app producers influence their target market because a catchy, attractive and easy to use UI/UX design establishes a positive relationship with the customer and he/she finds it easier to use the product without misinterpreting it. The biggest benefit of this is that it helps build a positive brand image and enhances growth.

At times, it becomes a big headache for us and we find it hard to select the best programs for App design creation because there are so many programs available that one could simply write down a detailed handbook about the most useful mobile app design tools.

In order to get your Android or iOS app designed and developed, contact AppSierra, the best mobile app development company, providing the finest UI/UX Design and Development services.

Today we have decided to list down nine of the finest UX design tools to help you create marvellous designs for your mobile apps.



Adobe XD is a quite recent tool released by Adobe. It allows you to make prototypes of mobile and web apps. Only professional UI/UX designers can use it and the best thing is that it provides all the essential tools required to develop an app’s interface. While designing, you can very easily navigate between the visual design view and the app prototype. Plenty of tasks like duplicating screens and creating grids are automated. You can create drafts, make project changes in real time and instantly share the projects with other team members who use Adobe Creative Cloud Solutions.



“Sketch” is another superb program for creating user-friendly interfaces, websites, icons and elements that will improve the UX of your app. Working with Sketch is quite similar to working with a vector graphics program which has an ability to group together shapes and name those particular groups to keep everything organised.



Worried about managing your workflow, creating interactive prototypes and making collaborations comfortably? “Invision” is a hugely popular prototyping platform which allows UX designers to successfully manage these functions. It will allow you to integrate your project with Photoshop, which simply means that you can observe changes in the project in real time. You can also connect it to Dropbox or Slack and represent your work on Virtual Boards. If you select this app designing program you can be confident about the fact that you are working with a continuously developed software of the highest class.



Axure RP helps you with the rapid creation of interactive prototypes of projects, even if you don’t have any knowledge of programming languages. Moreover, this software provides access to important tools which help analyze certain problems and search for solutions accordingly. The biggest benefit of Axure RP is that the user interfaces for websites and network apps created in Axure RP can be both static and dynamic.



“Framer” is a fantastic solution for rapid prototyping of mobile apps. With framer, you’ll be able to design pixel-perfect icons, high-quality, responsive designs and much more. It has a huge range of engaging functions and especially features some of them among all the other functions, like a powerful SVG editor, adaptive layouts and also enables you to export formatted SVG and CSS code. The program is very easily integrated with Photoshop and Sketch which always makes your work on interfaces and animations more compelling.



Did you know, that the prototyping platform called “PROTO.IO” developed by Labs Division is a simple to use a tool, using which you can design your own apps? And It doesn’t require even 1% coding skill. Although, it’s not a free app and you are allowed to test it freely for a 15 days time period, “” makes it simple to import your projects from Sketch or Photoshop, create the app flow and preview each of the projects on any device by making use of a web browser or a mobile phone. In case, you want to discuss your ideas with your teammates on a single click, you can do that as well.


maxresdefault (1)

“Marvel” is the simplest web-based prototyping tool that will help bring all your ideas to life. Its chic, cool and requires no prior coding experience. Its usage is very simple, you just require to drag and link the elements. One of its most exciting features is that it allows you to import your projects from Photoshop or Sketch and create beautiful, interactive and clickable prototypes for various devices.



Adobe Photoshop is the most developed and well-renowned program used for editing and creating graphics. With 3D support, a user can develop spectacular 3D designs and merge them with their 2D work. New versions of the program allow users to build interactive prototypes of apps. It also allows designers to create complicated, high-level graphics comprising of hundreds of layers and high-resolution vector graphics. While using Photoshop, a designer has complete control over colours at the pixel level.

In order to create breathtaking, superb quality UX designs, you don’t need to use all the above-mentioned tools. Let your design team test a few of these tools and stick to the one which you find most convenient and easy to use.

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Smart Apps For Your Smart Home.

Mobile apps? Aren’t mobile apps the most integral part of our existence? These days it seems that human beings find it difficult to even breathe without mobile applications. Somebody rightly said that Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is ‘on’ all the time.


In this golden age of smartphones, everyone has a phone that seems to be more technologically loaded than all the NASA computers that helped put the first man on moon. We are all aware of the fact that mobile applications and mobile app development companies form the essential part of any business strategy. A business cannot dream of soaring high without a successful mobile app.
Professionals at AppSierra, one of the best mobile app development company in India assist businesses with the development of mobile apps.
These days mobile apps not only help enhance your business, but they are also the quickest and the handiest way to improve the communication process between a consumer and a company.
Here we’ll discuss a few tips which need to be inculcated especially in mobile apps dedicated to “Smart Home” businesses.

Make Your Smart Home Smarter


A mobile application is an absolute necessity in case of Smart Home Businesses. “Smart Home” is an industry where a mobile application is not the part of a trend, but the entire concept of the business is based on the app. Smart Home apps work in 2 different ways. They come in handy for users and generate profits on the same basis. This simple interconnection is crucial, as, without cheerful users, you won’t be able to build a successful business.

Sales Growth For Businesses


Smart Home mobile apps create a smooth, efficient and user-oriented experience that provides all new businesses with a variety of dimensions and opportunities. As we know that a satisfied customer turns out to be the most beneficial business strategy. Smart Home apps solve all daily home care needs. By actively solving customer issues and taking care of customer needs, an app serves as a vital image-building and marketing tool, informing the consumers about new special deals, products, updates and services which finally lead to immense sales growth.

Improving The Competitiveness


Smart, Fully automatic, home engineering is a highly competitive market and mobile app is the easiest and most effective solution to help your business grow and make it succeed. The key to making your Smart home app a hit is personalization. Personalization includes updating your app often, developing loyalty programs, creating push notifications based on the user’s location, receiving priceless client insights, providing various payment options and of course building brand awareness.

Interesting Benefits For Users


Remote Access To All Connected Devices


This is a basic option for these Smart Home Apps, which lets the customers switch on the light in their house, close the front door or open the refrigerator with a single touch of the app. With a smart home app, our customers can have access to all systems and control the various connected devices from anywhere on the planet, even if you’re somewhere on a remote island.

Flexible Customization Of A User Interface


People who might potentially turn out to be your clients in the future, would consider or view smart technologies mainly from the point of view of their usability. A lot of people still believe that the Smart Home system is a complicated sci-fi network of wires, switches and intimidating flashlights and they are very cautious about it. A mobile app, on the other hand, helps make home control smart and easy. These apps are not toppled up with anything extra, just important features and basic use cases and scenarios.
There are plenty of such apps available on the play store these days, some of them can actually control the temperature of your house, inform you whether your garage door lock is open or not and even check whether the Pizza delivery man or someone unwanted is knocking on your door.



Mobile apps for Smart Home systems are the best example of how mobile technologies have progressed and how innovations have changed business routines. Modern smartphones have also reformed the prevailing common opinion by making app development not only the perfect solution for any field of work but also a great investment in the future of effective businesses.
Want to get a mobile app developed for your agency/company? Or maybe you want to improve the efficiency of your already existing app. Don’t hesitate. Get connected to AppSierra, one of the best mobile app development company in Noida, India, sought after by customers from around the world.

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The Ultimate Checklist for Every New E-commerce Website.


The E-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore. E-commerce is one of the most sought-after industries, which is making progress at a rapid speed. It deals with the activity of buying or selling of products and services online. Here we have a checklist which you should always refer to before starting with the preparation of the content and design part of a website or before actually beginning with the development process of the website.

Step 1: Manage What Your Customers See First


  1. Include a nicely designed logo.
  2. Make sure the site works on all browsers and devices.
  3. Include promotional graphics and links on the homepage.
  4. Insert Links to the most popular products.
  5. Call to action is important to push people to important sales pages.
  6. Have a clear search field at the top of your site.
  7. Display specials, promotions or free shipping options.
  8. The latest news area must be included.
  9. Links to recent purchases and popular products.
  10. An area to search for popular brands.
  11. A store finder if necessary.
  12. Language options are necessary for your e-commerce site.


Step 2: Your Overall E-commerce Site Management and Look


  1. Include security certificates and reminders that the transactions are safe throughout the website.
  2. Keep a minimalist design for easy navigation.
  3. Test the speed of your site so pages load quickly – Pingdom is a nice tool for this.
  4. Remove broken links and fill in empty product pages.
  5. Make sure you have categories on each page and filtering options.
  6. Have the email signup form show up on every page.
  7. A link to your Career page.
  8. A link to Legal information.
  9. A link to your Privacy policy.
  10. A link to your Contact Page.
  11. A link to the FAQ page.
  12. Links to your social pages.
  13. Links to return and exchange policies.
  14. Links to supplier information pages.
  15. Sharing buttons.
  16. A login box.
  17. Tabs at the top of your e-commerce website to categories and products.
  18. A shopping cart at the top, in case people saved items.
  19. Show what payment systems you use and the security measures that you take.
  20. Tabs leading to your support pages.
  21. Make your e-commerce responsive and test it on all devices and browsers.
  22. Show the checkout button clearly on each page.
  23. Apply breadcrumbs on each page to help people find the products or pages they need.
  24. Also, make sure when you are on the checkout page, no links should redirect to the homepage.


Step 3: Your E-commerce Product Pages


  1. Include calls to action.
  2. Customer reviews and ratings for each e-commerce product.
  3. Related product links to upsell.
  4. Selling points, like free shipping or a clock with a discount if they buy now.
  5. Provide product images with zoom-in functionality.
  6. Multiple product images and angles (360-degree views).
  7. Item information and specs.
  8. A field to change purchase quantities.
  9. A creative description that relates to the product uses.
  10. Include an optimized product title.
  11. An add-to-cart button on each product page.
  12. Pricing information for potential sales or discounts.
  13. The availability of each product to show scarcity and push people to buy.
  14. Shipping and tax calculations on the product pages.
  15. Materials used dimensions, colours, weight, washing instructions.
  16. Available sizes and a sizing guide if needed.
  17. A comments section so people can discuss the e-commerce product.
  18. A sorting and filter option for customer reviews.
  19. An Add to Wish List button on each product page.
  20. Videos to display how the product works.
  21. A currency converter if needed.
  22. A live chat option that shows the support team what the customer is looking at.
  23. The product codes for people who might use this for reference later.
  24. Stats on each product such as shares, views, sales and people who placed it on their Wish List.
  25. Social share buttons for each e-commerce product.
  26. Deals for people who purchase multiple related items together.
  27. Use professional-grade pictures and videos.
  28. A banner that states if a product is sold out.
  29. An area to sign up for notifications when a product becomes available.
  30. Make sure the product pages load up just as fast as your homepage.
  31. Explain unique features and what makes your product stand out from competitors.
  32. Include keywords on each E-commerce product page to improve search engine rankings.
  33. Minimize clutter so the purchase process doesn’t look intimidating.


Step 4: Blogs and Media Pages to Add Value to the Site


  1. Educational pages.
  2. Tutorials.
  3. Product reviews and showcases.
  4. Company events.
  5. A blog with recent events and news.
  6. Comments on your blog.
  7. Social sharing options for your blog posts.
  8. Insider company information to connect with your customers.
  9. Lists that relate to your products.
  10. An external resources page.
  11. Articles about the state of your industry.
  12. Areas for people to submit their own content for competitions and drawings.
  13. A radio, webcast or podcast page.
  14. A page with video testimonials.
  15. Case studies and interviews with people who have used your products.


Step 5: Your Customer Checkout, Shopping Cart and Wish List


  1. Don’t make the person create an account until after placing an order.
  2. Accept all payment methods.
  3. Offer low shipping costs.
  4. The checkout visual should have fun images.
  5. Add checkout buttons on the top and bottom of your pages.
  6.  Make sure the security and payment seals are most prominent during checkout.
  7. Ask people to continue shopping after making a purchase.
  8.  Allow people to save their favourite products to a Wish List for purchasing later.
  9.  Make sure that the List items upsell during checkout.
  10.  Refrain from asking for a survey response after checkout (save this for email).
  11.    Try free shipping when they spend a certain amount.
  12.   Offer multiple shipping methods.
  13.   Include an area to punch in promo codes.
  14.   Show people how much they saved during checkout.
  15.  Show the approximate shipping date and time.
  16.  If selling digital downloads, explain how they receive the product, be open about what you use their personal information for.
  17. Offer a sample if they are hesitant about buying.
  18. If you sell high priced items, offer financing options like payment instalments.
  19. Test the checkout process to see if it works.
  20.  Refresh the checkout page after adding all details and see changes and report accordingly.
  21.  Try with the valid card and invalid payment types, cart and checkout page details should be same.
  22. Product info at product description page, product detail page and various other pages should be same.


Step 6: Following Up With Customers


  1. A receipt for the price.
  2. Email should be received when a new order is placed by the customer.
  3. Email template of different kinds should be working fine on all devices.
  4. A picture of the item.
  5. Include links to the product, site, support and related product suggestions.
  6. Send a one to two weeks follow up to see how the product is.
  7. Ask for a review.
  8. Offer a discount code if they haven’t ordered again after a few months.
  9. Ask them to join a loyalty program.
  10. Ask for reviews in exchange for specials and discounts.
  11. Ask if they want future notification alerts for specials and products.
  12. Sell gift cards in your emails.
  13. Send a promotion for abandoned carts.
  14. Thank them for their purchase.
  15. Show where the product was sent to.
  16. Have an option to cancel the order.
  17. Links to share on social media.
  18. A link to track shipping.
  19. The order number and a link to return instructions.
  20. Include a survey link.


Step 7: Support Pages for Your E-commerce Site.


  1. Social media pages.
  2. Listed emails and contact forms.
  3. Listed phone numbers.
  4. A Live Chat area.
  5. Forums.
  6. FAQs.
  7. Shipping details.
  8. Sharing buttons.
  9. Offer 24/7 customer support.
  10. Provide an extensive return period.

This blog will surely be of great help to all those who are planning to launch their e-commerce website. AppSierra, an eminent Web development company situated in Noida, India will provide you assistance in all stages of development, testing and digital marketing for your website.

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5 Things To Remember Before Choosing A Domain Name For Your Business.

Have you been running a small business for quite some time, but you haven’t yet taken it online? In such cases, the chances are that you still don’t have a domain name for your company. In order to properly market your business and send the general public to a centre packed with information regarding your products and services, you should purchase a domain name as soon as possible. Before purchasing a domain name, you must keep in mind that domain names must be short. Long domain names are hard to remember, hard to spell over the phone and tricky to fit onto business cards.

A domain name is usually the keyword that people type into their address bar, whenever they want to visit your website. In our case, it is


Let me tell you a little trick. You should always keep your domain name short and memorable. Keeping it precise will make it easier for people to find your business online.

Before launching yourself and buying a domain name, don’t forget to keep in mind these 5 important things. For suggestions regarding domain name reach out to AppSierra’s Digital Marketing team.

1. Is The Dot-Com Version Available?


We have innumerable domain name extensions to choose from. The most popular amongst them include .com, .co, .uk, .net, .org, .info and .biz, but local extensions like .delhi and industry-specific extensions like .photography or .tech are also becoming popular these days.

The harsh truth is that if more and more people set up their business online, fewer dot-com names will remain to choose from. So, it’s actually urgent to act fast and secure a domain name that works for your business.

From the SEO point of view, there is no profit or penalty in having either a dot-com domain name or any of the newer extensions. Results show that .com, .edu and .org domain names have a tendency to rank the best on Search Engine Result Pages for competitive terms.

The simplest funda to let people find your business is to use domain names like .com, .co or .in, as these names are most commonly used and more likely to be remembered.

2. Does Your Domain Name Resemble A Competitors Domain Name?


Before purchasing a domain, you should ensure that it’s not too similar to any of your competitors. For example, if you want to buy from, but then there exists another company with the same domain name but a different extension like .com, in such case people might accidentally get redirected to the wrong website. If you are worried that your domain name is too similar to that of a competitor’s, then try out some original and innovative ideas, like you can use [businessname][industry].com or completely remove the industry and have a shorter domain name which won’t lead people to the wrong website.

There are innumerable different options to consider when it comes to selecting a domain name. Playing around with all the combinations and selecting the right one is the most sensible approach to take.

3. The Name Should Be Easy To Spell, Easy To Read And Easier To Say Out Loud


Doesn’t matter whether you run a housing store or you trade exclusively online, a simple domain name that’s easy to pronounce, spell and write is most important. Word of mouth is a great way to market and helps bring in new customers to your website, so the simpler the domain name is, the better it is.

Short domain names are considered to be of a higher calibre because they are catchy, prominent, easier to read and remember and they occupy less room. So you can easily use them on your printed marketing materials, like brochures, magazines and business cards.

The greatest disadvantage of short domain names is that shorter domain names tend to be already registered and are more competitive than usual.

4. Keep Other Extensions And Handles Available To Protect Your Brand


It does not matter whether you have a one-man business or you’re growing your business every month. It’s always more important to plan for the future and protect your valuable assets. Domain names and social media handles are no exception and maintaining a consistent brand across every network can help clients or consumers find you very easily. This will, in turn, increase the trust and the conversion rates.

It’s always more sensible to purchase a domain name that can have appropriate and consistent social media handles.

Make use of a website like namechk which browses through the internet and checks properly to see whether your name is available as .com, .net, .org, .co or .in domain names, after which it shows you the list of all the social networking platforms and online services which have your username available. Register as many as you can to protect your brand. Buy every domain resembling your domain name with minor differences in the spelling or a different extension. You can even buy additional domain names to boost your website’s search engine optimisation and drive more traffic to your site. If a competitor closes down, you can buy their domain name and redirect their traffic to your website. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?

5. Winding Up


All of you who are on a mission to grow their brand online must positively purchase a domain name and set up their website. You’ll be able to increase your brand online and have a dedicated hub where you’ll share interesting news and impressive content as well as let people find out everything about your products and services. The faster you set up your domain name and start running it, the sooner you can begin working on a digital marketing strategy and start making money online. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog. For any help or suggestions on how to implement an effective Digital Marketing Strategy, contact AppSierra, one of the best digital marketing company in India situated in Noida. Lots of good luck for the future!
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